Ground Beef   $7     One pound packages vacuum sealed

Steaks                        (All steaks are cut 1" thick)

Filet--$24                   typically 0.7 pounds per package (2 steaks)

Ribeye--$17               typically 1 pound per package (2 steaks)  

Strips--$15                  typically 1 pound per package (2 steaks)

Flank--$14                  typically 1 pound per package (1 steak)  

Sirloin--$9                  typically 2 pounds per package (1 steak)


Rump--$7                   typically 3 pounds

Brisket--$7                 varies from 3 to 6 pounds

Chuck--$7                  bone-in blade; typically 2.5 pounds

Short Ribs--$5           typically 2 - 3 pounds per package (2 or 3 ribs)


Stew Meat--$7           1 pound package

Tongue--$5                 typically 2 pounds

Tail--$5                         varies from 2 - 3 pounds

Liver--$6                      1 pound package

Bones--$3                   marrow or knuckle; 2-3 pounds per package

 All prices are per pound. All meat frozen and vacuum sealed.

100% grass fed. NOTE: Prices will remain in effect through the end of October 2018.

For more information about how we farm please go to our Mission & Method page.

Grass Fed Beef Prices

Worthington Farmers Market

We have completed our participation in the 2017/2018 Worthington Farmers' Market Indoor Season. Thanks to everyone: customers, fellow vendors, and of course Market management and volunteers.

Starting Saturday May 5, 2018...We will participate weekly in the 2018 Worthington Farmers Market Outdoor Season, along the sidewalks of Olde Worthington on High Street just south of 161. Our booth is directly in front of the US Bank. Outdoor hours are 8-Noon.

Prices posted on our web page will be in effect through October 2018.

We do not pretend to be nutritional science experts. That is not, excuse the pun, our field. If grass fed beef is better for us, as many suggest, then all the more better from our point of view. We're just making sure it is delicious. There is no reason why it should taste like medicine! We like the win-win of grass feeding beef: better for the ecology, gentler on the animals, and some of the best beef you can find anywhere. It makes life here on the farm a whole lot nicer too...