We are excited to bring to market the outstanding 100% grass fed lamb produced by Rodney Hatch of Merre-Lee Farm, our across-the-street neighbor.

Rodney has been farming sheep for several decades. He knows what he's doing. We have long admired the thoughtful, natural, and gentle practices he employs as shepherd and grazier. We've lived across the street from Rodney for 18 years; our own practices grass feeding cattle are partially rooted in emulation of how he does things.

Loin chops                    average 1.5 pounds       $15.00

Whole leg roast           3-4 pounds                    $11.00

1/3 leg roast                 about 1.5 pounds           $11.00

Shoulder chops          average 1.5 pounds        $11.00

Shanks                          average 0.75 pounds    $9.00

Ground lamb                1 pound                           $12.50

Liver                                                                       $6.00

Update (February 2018): We have no lamb for sale at this time...we will continue to update as Fall 2018 approaches. Hopefully we will have lamb for sale sometime between September and November 2018...

Grass Fed Lamb Prices

Lamb: the other grass fed meat!

Some of Rodney's Bluefaced Border Leicester sheep grazing yet in November 2015...

All prices are per pound. All meat frozen and vacuum sealed. 100% grass fed. Prices effective through October 2018.