We have a limited number of whole beeves available for purchase in November 2020. Price per pound hanging weight is $2.50. This does not include processing. See below for cost details...

For details about how a beef is butchered and what cuts you can expect to bring home,  go here.

A whole beef will have a hang weight of 600-675 pounds. At $2.50 per pound hang weight, that is roughly $1500-$1700.

You would also pay the processor, approximately $550.00.

Total cost: $2050-$2250.

The meat you put in the freezer at home should be about 60% of hang weight, so 360-400 pounds.

Your cost per pound for meat in your freezer would be about $5.50.

The meat should be about 15% steaks, 35% roasts, and 50% ground--depending on how you direct the meat to be cut.

Showing the Math...

Our animals, when harvested, have a live weight of about 1100 pounds.

When killed, their "sides of beef" will hang in cold storage for 10-14 days, before being pulled down and butchered into cuts. Their "hang weight" is usually 60% of live weight:

1100 pounds live weight x 0.60 = 660 pounds hang weight

You are paying per pound for hang weight, so if the price is $2.50/pound:

660 pounds hang weight X $2.50 = $1650

Depending on how you decide to have the meat cut, you can expect the weight of meat you take home to be something like 60% of the hang weight:

660 pounds hang weight X 0.60 = 396 pounds in your freezer

All of this to say that when you estimate the price you pay for meat in your freezer, you need to do some math:

[hang weight cost total]  / [number of pounds in freezer back home]

in this example: [$1650] / [396] = $4.17

But there is an additional cost to consider: you must pay the processor. A basic processing cost per whole animal is typically about $550. Adding this to hang weight cost gives you a full measure of the cost per pound in the freezer back home:

[$1650 + $550] = [$2200]

[$2200] / [396] = $5.56


A whole beef--more or less 400 pounds of meat--takes up about 20 cubic feet. That's a 6 foot long chest freezer.

Interested in Purchasing a Whole Beef?

Here is how it works:

1) Contact me for additional information or to reserve an animal.

2) Animals are reserved first-come-first-served once a security deposit of $300.00 is paid.

3) Animals are already scheduled to go to the processor Tuesday 10/20/20.

4) A second deposit of $300.00 is required by 10/1.

5) I take your animal to the processor 10/20. I learn the hang weight 10/21.

6) I contact you, tell you the hang weight and final cost, and you pay me the balance due in full by 10/26. (Not including processing cost.)

7) I contact the processor and assign the animal to your name so you can deal with them directly to fill out cutting instructions by 10/29.

8) The processor butchers following your instructions between 10/30 and 11/3. They call you to say your meat is ready for pickup. You go to processor, pay them their fee, and take meat home.

NOTE: When the animal goes to the processor, everything has to happen fast.  Once the animal is killed, I need to be paid within 5 days; you have about 3 days to give cutting instructions to the processor. A week or so later, the meat is coming home with you.

DEPOSITS: The deposits are intended to at least cover the cost of processing if you do not follow through with the transaction. In this scenario, in which you fail to perform, the deposits are non-refundable. Please understand: it is awkward to fail to collect money for a steer that has already been killed. This leaves the farmer in a terrible bind. On the other hand, in this uncertain world, any number of things could happen which cause the deal to fall through that are not your fault. I could be the problem, or the processor could be. In a scenario like that, where you are not the problem, I would always give you back all deposited money.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you are uncertain about how to direct the cutting of the meat, I am glad to offer, free of charge, any help you want. I can talk through the process with you, and I am even willing to go visit the processor with you beforehand--anything I can do to make you comfortable. This is a huge transaction! Since everything happens so fast once the animal is killed, I think it could be good to figure out the cut sheets beforehand, maybe a couple weeks earlier, when there is no pressure.