We have our farm--80 acres of open ground--dedicated entirely to pasture. We graze rotationally, moving our cattle from paddock to paddock so that they always have more than enough lush forage. The cattle are never in a lot or barnyard. We supplement their diet with grain. We do not use sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormone growth treatments.

We buy 600-700 pound steers from other farms each spring, put them out on pasture, and graze and grain them for six months, until they weigh about 1100 pounds and are ready for harvest.

In late October, we take the animals to a processor. We use Olde Village Meats, a family-operated state of Ohio inspected facility located in Frazeysburg Ohio. The beef is dry aged 10-14 days before being butchered, at which time it is vacuum packed and flash frozen. We trust Olde Village, and like working with them.

Customers who purchase a whole animal deal directly with the processor, directing how the beef is to be cut and packaged, and take delivery of their meat about two weeks later. We are glad to provide customers, free of charge, any assistance/guidance they might require dealing with the processor.

If you want information about purchasing a whole animal, please look here. Contact us regarding current availability.


 We are happily transparent, BTW. If you would like a tour of the farm, please contact us to arrange a time, or if you have additional questions about how we do things.




John Wiley

Up the Lane Farm

Johnstown Ohio